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Surviving the Worst Season For Personal Injuries

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It’s true that personal injuries can take place any time of the year. Even so, winter offers a wide range of opportunities to sustain some type of injury at work, or even while out doing a little shopping. While merchants and employers need to do their part to keep patrons and employees safe, there are also things that individuals can do to prevent injury. Here are two key areas that need particular attention during the winter months:

Slip and Fall Situations

Think of how many different places you go during the winter where there’s slush, snow, and ice present. Depending on the weather, you could easily slip and hurt your back while on the way to check the mail. A walk from the car to the coffee shop could mean slipping over a patch of ice in the parking lot.

You are not necessarily safe after you enter a business establishment. Those who have come before track in snow that becomes water and creates slippery areas. One wrong move and you could find yourself taking a tumble through no fault of your own.

For your part, it pays to take a little more care when walking across any surface covered with ice, slush, or snow. Wearing footwear designed to reduce slippage is also a smart move. While your precautions are only one part of the process, these types of efforts will reduce the odds of finding yourself in the hospital and needing physical therapy to get back on your feet.

The Matter of the Road

Does it come as any surprise that the potential for auto accidents increases in winter? When ice and snow are present, it’s harder for tires to gain traction and ensure the driver can steer efficiently.

Choosing a defensive driving approach during winter is wise. It’s fine to drive a little slower and apply those brakes with care. Take those corners at lower speeds. Allow a little more distance between the car and the vehicle immediately ahead. While these measures don’t eliminate the chance of being involved in an accident that throws your back out or leads to a head injury, they will minimize the possibility.

Keep in mind defensive driving also involves being aware that others may not be taking the same measures. Some will still drink to excess and get behind the wheel. This is especially a problem around the end-of-the-year holidays, a fact that car accident lawyers will easily confirm.

Others will still try to rush toward destinations and increase the chances of hitting a patch of ice and losing control of their cars. Even with the measures taken by most municipalities to remove ice and snow from roadways, some hazards will remain.

What Can You Do?

Your first line of defense in these and other situations is to educate yourself about how to manage your actions and reduce the potential for being injured. That means wearing the right type of clothing so you are not distracted from the cold. It means more attention to where you are walking and the general conditions in the road. It also means reporting that puddle just inside the front door of the shop and taking care to not step in in.

Even with all of your efforts, there is still a possibility for sustaining an injury due to the negligence of another party. Rest assured that you do not have to shoulder the expense of health care or worry about how to pay the bills while you recover. That’s where hiring personal injury lawyers comes into the picture.

If you are injured in any situation involving winter conditions, now is the time to contact the team at Lerners Lawyers and arrange for a consultation. With a proven track record of helping hundreds of people with personal injury cases, they will know how to proceed and use every legal means to secure the compensation that you deserve.

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