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Exciting step forwards for spinal cord injury victims!

Some of the most gut-wrenching moments in my life have been witnessing injury clients coming to accept the awful realization they will never walk again. That is a big reason why I have been closely following the recent innovations at Ekso Bionics ( and similar companies.  These types of companies offer "ekso skeletons" that allow paraplegics (and others with similar problems) ...

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Making a Personal Injury Claim – Step-by-step

Nobody plans to get injured in an accident so when it comes to making a personal injury claim it's unknown territory. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind and can prepare you when the unfortunate strikes. Get immediate medical treatment – The full extent of injuries do not always present themselves until days or weeks later and proper treatment and diagnosis can be difficult after the fac ...

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How do I fire my paralegal, lawyer or hire a new lawyer?

Just as weddings can lead to divorces, and new cars can lead to auto trader postings, your relationship with your lawyer or paralegal can sour and need to be ended.  It is unfortunate when it happens, but it can happen. The first thing that you should know in an injury case on contingency, is that you are unlikely to be required to pay any fees up front.  The usual procedure is that your new lawyer may agre ...

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