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Bill 15 in Ontario – The good and the bad re: personal injury law

On July 15, 2014, Bill 15 was carried through first reading in Ontario's legislative assembly.  It is not law yet, but the bill appears to have the strong support of the government and so it seems likely that it will eventually be passed.  The bill itself, and its legislative status, can be found at: ...

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Information Links

Information Links Government Links Financial Services Commission of Ontario Government of Ontario Ministry of Transportation Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care Legal Associations Law Society of Upper Canada Health Associations Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario Ontario Brain Injury Association Ontario Injury Victims Alliance If you or someone you know h ...

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Ontario’s Car Accident Injury Terms and Sayings

In this short article, we have tried to start setting out a list of terms with a brief description so that you have a guide to assist in starting to understand some of the terms. Please remember that this list and description is not exhaustive and by no means is this in any way legal advice. You should consult with a lawyer about your rights and entitlement and a free consultation with a lawyer can be arran ...

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