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Slip and fall Injury Lawsuits

Winter weather slip and falls: Slip and fall accidents frequently occur on ice in Ontario Canada. The Eastern region (Oshawa, Whitby, Bowmanville, Ajax) are often hit harder by winter weather than Toronto proper. The recent ice storms and winter weather have increased the number of injuries. There is case-law and legislation that helps to determine whether someone is entitled to compensation for a slip and ...

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ODSP and OW exemptions: Major Changes to interplay with car accident and personal injury awards

Recently released legislation appears to have made major changes to the law regarding ODSP and OW exemption limits for car accident and personal injury cases.  These changes appear to have been made very quietly without any significant announcements. ODSP appears to have completely eliminated the exemption cap on pain and suffering awards in injury cases (the cap had been $100,000).  See the excerpt below a ...

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