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Exciting step forwards for spinal cord injury victims!

Some of the most gut-wrenching moments in my life have been witnessing injury clients coming to accept the awful realization they will never walk again. That is a big reason why I have been closely following the recent innovations at Ekso Bionics ( and similar companies.  These types of companies offer "ekso skeletons" that allow paraplegics (and others with similar problems) ...

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Settlement Reached in Deering Accident Case

In 2004, sisters Shannon and Erica Deering were in a car accident while traveling along Coates Road to Whitby. While driving their vehicle, Shannon believed she saw an oncoming vehicle approaching in their lane, and swerved off the road landing into a rocky culvert after rolling. Both sisters experienced severe injuries to their spinal cords, and the other passengers in the car sustained injuries. Four of t ...

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