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Not wearing your seatbelt can hurt your car accident injury lawsuit too

For one reason or another people sometimes don't wear their seat-belts when they are in a car.  The failure to wear a seat-belt can sometimes affect your claim for car accident injury damages in a lawsuit.  However, sometimes there are legitimate and understandable reasons for not wearing one. Sometimes the evidence in a lawsuit shows that a seat-belt wouldn't have made any difference at all - I had a trial ...

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Exciting step forwards for spinal cord injury victims!

Some of the most gut-wrenching moments in my life have been witnessing injury clients coming to accept the awful realization they will never walk again. That is a big reason why I have been closely following the recent innovations at Ekso Bionics ( and similar companies.  These types of companies offer "ekso skeletons" that allow paraplegics (and others with similar problems) ...

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How do legal fees work in personal injury cases in Whitby Oshawa Ajax?

In most personal injury cases, clients choose to pay for their legal services by way of a "percentage fee" at the end of the case.  The main reason that clients typically choose to do this is because it is simply too expensive for them to pay their personal injury lawyer fees on an ongoing basis throughout the case.  Paying a percentage fee allows them to pursue their case without worrying about how much ti ...

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