If you or a family member have experienced an injury, finding the right personal injury lawyer is key to getting your life back on track. We know the process and the options can be intimidating, that’s why our legal representation helps you through every step.
“Being an injury and disability lawyer is an emotional job because of all the heartache and […]

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Lighting Up the Sky: Playing it Smart with Fireworks

The summer is here, and with it come the long awaited holidays.  Although the first few long weekends have come and gone, there are still a few more around the corner.  Fireworks have become a favourite family tradition.  Kids can’t get enough of them, and most of the local communities in the Durham, […]

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Receiving Urgent Care in Durham Region

Walk-in clinics and urgent care facilities provide a valuable resource for the residents of Durham region.  The purpose of these clinics is to assist the public when they require non-urgent medical attention, but need to speak to a professional right away.  It’s a great resource when you simply can’t wait to see your […]

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When things go wrong with your long term disability insurance company…

It all seems proper and appropriate when you receive your initial claim forms and speak with the (often pleasant) representative at the insurance company about obtaining benefits from the disability insurance policy that you have paid into for all those years.  At that point you are thinking, “Lawyer, why do I need a lawyer?”

But then […]

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Taking a Proactive Approach to Fire Safety

Earlier this week, a fire broke out at a home located on Colborne Street West in Oshawa.  Fortunately, no one was injured, but the fire caused an estimated $100,000 in damages.  Firefighters said that the fire most likely started in the kitchen and spread throughout the house.  Although there were no working smoke […]

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Signs of a Safe and Responsible Daycare

Choosing a daycare is a tough job for new parents.  There are so many variables to consider, and local care facilities in the Whitby and Ajax area often fill up very quickly.  Most parents find themselves on a waiting list months before their care even begins.  Entrusting someone else with the care of […]

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Dealing with Emergencies and Calling 911

Durham Region Emergency Medical Services responds to dozens of 911 calls each week.  They help to provide our community with the best possible emergency care and save lives on a regular basis.  In addition, they provide some helpful information online to help our citizens prepare for an unexpected situation.  The good news is […]

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Considering the Effects of a Personal Injury

We go through life with goals and aspirations. We look forward to taking that special trip or spending time with family to celebrate milestones. What we often forget is how quickly things can change. Accidents can happen in an instant, but the after-effects can stay with us forever. If you or someone you […]

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What Are Your Responsibilities as a Dog Owner?

Although your loveable dog may be treated like another member of your family, pet ownership comes with some serious responsibilities. Dog bites, or attacks, often result in major injuries and emotional trauma. Most animals have great manners, but even the most well trained dogs can have their moments. Old age, illness or a […]

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Asking the Right Questions for Affordable Auto Insurance

The last time you shopped around for car insurance, you were probably presented with a long list of questions.  Your age, the make and model of your car, and even the neighborhood you live in can make a difference in your premiums and policy.  But when was the last time you asked your […]

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Not wearing your seatbelt can hurt your car accident injury lawsuit too

For one reason or another people sometimes don’t wear their seat-belts when they are in a car.  The failure to wear a seat-belt can sometimes affect your claim for car accident injury damages in a lawsuit.  However, sometimes there are legitimate and understandable reasons for not wearing one.

Sometimes the evidence in a lawsuit shows that […]

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Being an injury and disability lawyer is an emotional job because of all the heartache and tragedy that you see. You often see people who are on the verge of collapse and they turn to you as their last hope. Helping those people achieve the financial security to mitigate their losses is an incredibly rewarding part of my job

– Steven Polak