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Why Should You Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oshawa?

Why Should You Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oshawa?

Pain and debilitation often serve as the most immediate concern when someone suffers a personal injury, but lost wages, uncovered medical expenses, emotional distress, and other unanticipated costs, both financial and emotional, also need to be considered. To ensure full, fair, and just compensation, you or your loved ones should contact a personal injury lawyer in Oshawa as soon as possible if impacted by a personal injury. Your personal injury lawyer will help you determine liability and diligently pursue all legal remedies related to the accident. Liability for the accidents is not always easy to establish, and in some cases,  there may be more than one person or entity at fault. Sometimes, the actual cause of an accident turns out to be something that was initially thought to be unrelated. Additionally, clients generally worry about filing suit against people they know, and may balk against seeking legal action against friends or family. However, and despite the apparent awkwardness, you should always investigate all options, as in many cases an insurance company might bear the costs. 

If you are seeking personal injury lawyers in Oshawa, remember that there are legal deadlines that limit the amount of time in which you can pursue legal action. A timely consultation also helps your lawyer collect important information and evidence related to the accident before it may become unavailable. 

With experience working both sides of personal injury law, Lerners LLP partner, Steven M. Polak, is intimately familiar with all of the legal manoeuvering involved in such cases. This has helped him build a successful track record of achieving fair and just compensation for his clients. For premiere legal guidance from Oshawa personal injury lawyer, contact Steven immediately if you have experienced any of the following: 

  • Bike accident;
  • Slip or fall;
  • Dog bites;
  • Pedestrian accident.    

Car Accident Lawyer in Oshawa

Anyone involved in a car accident that causes injury, property damage or other losses should seek legal advice, despite Ontario’s “no fault” motor vehicle accident compensation system that offers benefits to all parties involved in such incidents. A car accident lawyer in Oshawa can determine if your accident warrants additional compensation for uncovered damages, such as pain and suffering, extended care, or soft-tissue injuries. While no fault accident benefits cover many expenses, a car accident lawyer will ensure that you’re equitably covered for all physical, mental and monetary impacts resulting from the accident. Pedestrians and passengers impacted by motor vehicle accidents are also covered by the no fault system, and have the right to seek restitution through the tort claim process for any uncovered damages. The no fault regulations and tort laws also apply to other vehicles including: 

  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles 

Numerous factors can influence the no fault claims process, compensation offered, and successful outcome of any motor vehicle accident legal action taken. Additionally, when more than one insurer is involved with no fault claims, disputes can arise over which one is responsible for specific compensations, which can sometimes negate, or otherwise limit, benefits offered. 

Therefore, it is important to speak to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible if you are involved in an accident. Anything said about the accident may become part of the case, so you should always talk to your lawyer before discussing accident details with the insurance company, their lawyers, or representatives from anyone else involved in the accident. There are also numerous disclosure requirements and legal filing deadlines that need to be met in order to successfully initiate legal action related to car accidents. 

Steven M. Polak, of Lerners LLP personal injury Durham office, has extensive experience working with both car accident victims and insurers. With a background in insurance law and in-depth knowledge of the Ontario government’s no fault regulations and tort laws, Steven is well practiced in making sure his clients receive just compensation for all immediate and long-term impacts resulting from a motor vehicle accident.   

Disability Lawyer in Oshawa

While denial of disability benefits by an insurance company can be appealed at the company level, laws regarding disability denials and subsequent appeals are complicated. Therefore, if you have been wrongly denied disability benefits, you should seek out capable disability lawyers experienced with both contract law and the laws regulating how disability claims need to be lawfully addressed. 

Among the most important factors to be aware of if you are denied disability benefits, is that there are time limits for initiating legal action. This means that if you are appealing or disputing the initial denial via a dispute resolution process, important legal deadlines within what is known as the “limitation period” could slip past you and negate your ability to seek legal redress. If you are considering an “appeal” make sure you mark the date of the initial denial and determine the expiration date of the limitation period so that you do not lose your right to bring your case to court. By working with expert disability lawyers, you can start with an appeal, while also establishing your own deadline for the appropriate time to move from the appeal stage to a lawsuit. 

Steven M. Polak serves as Lerner LLP’s primary disability denial lawyer in Oshawa and surrounding Durham region. Steven has experience working on both sides of disability denial claims, and is a member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Long Term Disability Litigation section. His experience, combined with the mutual respect he has established with insurance companies, their lawyers, and judges, helps Steven secure fair and equitable solutions to resolve bad faith claims through both settlements and court action.

Dedicated Focus on Personal Injury Related Law

Steven M. Polak has devoted his legal expertise to assisting injured and disabled clients with motor vehicle accident lawsuits, accident benefits cases, disability benefits cases, slip and falls, and other personal injury cases. This dedicated focus on personal injury makes him an expert on all elements related to the law and ensures that he is always on top of the latest legal developments or changes with the law.  As an associate with Lerners LLP since 2002, and partner since 2008, Steven has previous experience defending insurance industry clients, which gives him a well-rounded view of the law and a respectful rapport with insurance industry lawyers. His experience, personal injury law knowledge, and willingness to explore all options for securing fair and just compensation for his clients, gives Steven a proven history of successful settlements and litigation. 

Contact Steven today for your free, no-obligation consultation if you have suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own, been involved in a motor vehicle accident, or have been denied disability benefits.    

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