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Personal Injury Lawyers that are on your side

We recognize that each of our client’s situations are unique and we do not impose our views on them.  You will never hear us say “you have to take this settlement” or “you cannot take this amount”.  We are not here to order you around, we recognize that you are the client, you are the boss.  We will always work our hardest to provide you with sensible and reasonable advice and opinions, but we will not force them on you.  We have formed close and ongoing relationships with some of our past clients and nothing gives us more satisfaction than receiving a call from a new client who says “x. recommended you and said that you guys were great”.

Our philosophy is that we are here to help.  We are not here to create claims or to try to deceive others.  What keeps our flame burning is the feeling that we are doing what is right, seeking what is just and working hard to right a wrong.  Our aim is justice and fairness and we do everything that we can to obtain that for you.  We have worked hard to establish a reputation for these things and we hope that others in the legal and insurance industry will tell you that when you ask them about us.  Who you choose as a lawyer says something to the insurance company and to the lawyer on the other side.

Our approach is to thoroughly investigate and review each area of your case and to work with you to understand the challenges and the circumstances.  We are capable of investing in cases and pushing them as far as they need to go.

We also will not charge the percentage rates that some of the other law firms are charging and we will not charge percentages of people’s accident benefits being received.  We have simply always had a policy about not doing that and we have stuck with it.  We believe in fairness in our relationship with you as well.

Feel free to call us for more information.  We work hard at what we do and we would be pleased to speak with you to see if we are the right lawyers for you.


Being an injury and disability lawyer is an emotional job because of all the heartache and tragedy that you see.  You often see people who are on the verge of collapse and they turn to you as their last hope.  Helping those people achieve the financial security to mitigate their losses is an incredibly rewarding part of my job.

Many people also suffer the after effects of injuries, including the psychological and emotional effects of being unable to engage in their normal activities, their inability to earn the same income for themselves or their families, and their inability to carry on with their relationships in the same way.  That can be an absolutely devastating part of an injury.  When you take away a person’s ability to live their normal life, you can rob them of their self-esteem, shatter their confidence and their sense of identity.  Understanding all of the effects of an injury is an important part of representing an injured person.

I have seen many victims of very real injuries who are shocked to find that insurance companies, and doctors who are closely affiliated with insurance companies, do not accept their claims, respond to them, or protect their interests in the way that they expected them to.

They can feel victimized, alone and powerless.  Those clients have told me about how significantly the insurer’s denials can affect them and about how much better they have felt once a lawyer is guiding them and protecting their interests. Sometimes, people are increasingly emotional and frustrated because they do not really know what the insurer’s obligations are, and that is why I make it a point to provide my clients with education about the system and the traps and tests that they may face.

Personal injury law often gets a bad name, because of a few bad apples.  However, personal injury law is not about trying to create the facts to build the largest possible damages, it is about relying on the law as a tool to fairly and reasonably compensate those people who have been injured and wronged.  It’s about trying to ensure that justice is done.” (Steven Polak)

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