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Partner with a Trusted Personal Injury Lawyer - Pickering

Partner with a Trusted Personal Injury Lawyer - Pickering

The impacts of a personal injury go far beyond the initial pain and physical wounds, and include sustained pain, long-term debilitation, lost wages, uncovered medical expenses, emotional distress, and other potential impacts to the body, mind and wallet. Given the toll of these impacts, you or your loved ones should contact a personal injury lawyer in Pickering as soon as possible if impacted by a personal injury. Your personal injury lawyer will help you determine the full extent of the impacts, who is responsible for the injury, what level of compensation is fair and just, and pursue all legal remedies to ensure that full compensation is met. 

Determining accident liability is not always clear cut. Some cases involve more than one party, and some incidents are found to be ultimately caused by something originally thought to be entirely unrelated. Personal injury cases can be further complicated when the injured party knows those thought to be liable. Clients generally don’t want to seek legal action against friends or family; however, due to the cost and impacts of some injuries all options should be investigated, which may lead to a finding that an insurance company might end up bearing the liability.  

Because there are legal deadlines that limit the amount of time in which you can pursue legal action in personal injury cases, don’t delay seeking out personal injury lawyers in Pickering when you’ve been injured. A timely consultation also helps your lawyer collect evidence and information related to the accident before it disappears, or otherwise becomes unavailable. 

With experience working both sides of personal injury law, Lerners LLP partner, Steven Polak, is intimately familiar with all of the legal manoeuvering involved in such cases and adept at achieving fair and just compensation for his clients through both settlement and litigation. For expert legal guidance from personal injury lawyers serving Pickering, contact Steven immediately if you are impacted by any of the following: 

  • Bike accident;
  • Slip and fall;
  • Dog bites;
  • Pedestrian accident.   

Help with Car Accident Claims in Pickering

Ontario laws regulating motor vehicles and “no-fault” accident insurance compensation are highly complex and subject to legal interpretation. This often leads to under-compensation when it comes time for insurance companies to make good on no-fault car accident claims. Not only do insurance companies look for any excuse to limit compensation, but when more than one insurance company is involved, disputes over which company should be responsible for what generally lead to further reductions in compensation to claimants. For these reasons anyone - driver, passenger, pedestrian - impacted by a motor vehicle accident needs to seek professional advice from a car accident lawyer. 

Not only can your car accident lawyer in Pickering figure out what level of no-fault compensation you should receive, but also discern whether your accident justifies additional compensation for uncovered damages, such as pain and suffering, extended care, or soft-tissue injuries. During the process, your car accident lawyer will make sure that you follow all legal protocols involved in the claims process and meet any filing deadlines. Generally speaking, the involvement of a lawyer early in the claims process can enhance the likelihood of receiving fair and just compensation. In cases of under-compensation, outright denial, or claims for uncovered damages, your car accident lawyer will usually try to work out the disputed amount through settlement first, and only resort to a tort claim process in court when all else fails.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident you should speak to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible so that they can secure any pertinent information or evidence. Anything said by you about the accident is potential evidence, so you should always talk to your lawyer before discussing any accident details with the insurance company, their lawyers, or anyone else involved in the accident. 

Be advised that no-fault regulations and tort laws also apply to other vehicles including: 

  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles 

So, make sure that you consult with a car accident lawyer should you be involved in an accident with any of these vehicles. 

Steven Polak, of Lerners LLP personal injury Durham office, has more than 16 years of experience working with both car accident victims and insurers. With a background in insurance claim defence and in-depth knowledge of the Ontario government’s no fault regulations and tort laws, Steven is well practiced in helping his clients receive fair compensation for all immediate and long-term impacts resulting from a motor vehicle accident. While he has earned respectful accolades from all parties for his measured, equitable approach to reaching settlements aggregable to all, he is also known as a tough litigator.       

Disability Lawyer in Pickering

Disability claims and the regulations pertaining to disability benefits are complex, and often involve a mix of contract law and insurance company manoeuvering. As such, if you have been wrongly denied disability benefits, you should seek out disability lawyers experienced with contract law and negotiating vagaries involved with the disability claims process. 

Timeliness is one of the more important factors to keep abreast of if you are denied disability benefits. A “limitation period” legally enshrined in the appeals process negates your ability to seek legal actions against the insurer once this period ends. This limitation period can easily slip by during a lengthy appeals process, which could prove devastating if the appeal is denied. Thus, if you are going to start with the appeal process take note of the initial denial notice and use it to determine the limitation period expiration date so that you do not lose your right to continue the dispute in court. By working with expert disability lawyers, you can proceed with an appeal, and have an established deadline of your own to dictate when to shift the appeal into a lawsuit. 

Lerner LLP’s primary disability denial lawyer in Pickering and surrounding Durham region is Steven Polak, who has extensive experience working on both sides of disability denial claims, and is a member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Long Term Disability Litigation section. His expertise and wealth of knowledge about this area of the law has earned him significant respect from insurance companies, their lawyers, and judges, which further helps him secure fair and equitable solutions to resolve bad faith disability claims.

A True Personal Injury Related Law Specialist

Steven M. Polak has specialized in the various elements of personal injury law since joining Lerners LLP as an associate in 2002. This specialization includes experience working on both sides of the issue, which has provided him with a more detailed and well-rounded view of the law as well as a respectful relationship with insurance industry lawyers. A Lerners LLP partner since 2008, Steven has a proven history of success in reaching settlements that are fair, just and amenable to all parties, and an admirable tally of courtroom judgements in favour of his clients.   

Steven offers free, no-obligation consultations and provides flexible fee structures, including contingency fee arrangements.

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