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Exciting step forwards for spinal cord injury victims!
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3 years ago

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Exciting step forwards for spinal cord injury victims!

March 30, 2014 - in Personal Injury
Some of the most gut-wrenching moments in my life have been witnessing injury clients coming to accept the awful realization they will never walk again.

That is a big reason why I have been closely following the recent innovations at Ekso Bionics ( and similar companies.  These types of companies offer “ekso skeletons” that allow paraplegics (and others with similar problems) to walk and perform other functions.

This technology appears to have been born out of military applications that allowed soldiers to carry large loads through the use of a light-weight “ekso skeleton”.  It is exciting that these applications have been adapted to assist those with paralysis.

Even more exciting  is that the technology is now in the consumer marketplace and is available to consumers for between $75,000 and $100,000.  That price range is obviously high, and the first generation of these suits have limits as well (ie: a 3 hour battery life, etc.), but this first step forwards brings the future to the present and provides accident victims with real progress.  These are items that will certainly form part of future care costs reports in personal injury lawsuits going forwards.

The Globe and Mail set out the story of a man with paraplegia using the suit here:

For those who have other limitations such as a loss of use of a hand or loss of strength, the technology appears adaptable to provide benefits as well.

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