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He Said/She Said..Better if it shows!
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3 years ago

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He Said/She Said..Better if it shows!

In our digital world, it is baffling that car manufacturers don't include dash camera's in cars.  It is equally baffling that insurance companies don't offer reduced rates for people with dash camera's.   

Regardless, installing a dash cam yourself can make a huge difference if a car accident ever occurs.  When car accidents and personal injuries happen, some people unfortunately lie.  If you plug in a dash cam you can protect yourself and make sure that the truth comes out.  

From a personal injury lawyer and car accident lawyer perspective, dash camera footage has been admitted into evidence in past cases that I have worked on.  In more than one case that I have worked on, the dash camera footage contradicted the other driver's "story".

 A dash camera will run you between $50-$150 and is worth more than that in the peace of mind that it brings.  A dash camera is simply stuck on to your front windshield and plugs into your car's lighter socket or USB port and you thread the wire around (it takes 10 minutes to put in - you can do it yourself).  Many of them have an app that connects to your phone and you can see all of your driving on it until it gets full and automatically over-writes the data or you delete it.  Kind of a handy thing to have running if you are lending the car to your kids or others as well.....

Steven Polak acts as a car accident lawyer, dsability lawyer and personal injury lawyer out of his office in Whitby Ontario and Toronto Ontario, servicing clients in the GTA, Durham and beyond.

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