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Mental Health and Personal Injury Claims

Feb. 2, 2017 - in Personal Injury


In personal injury cases, it’s not unusual for the focus to be on the physical damage. What many people don’t understand is that the emotional toll and it’s lingering effects can be just as serious. Personal injury lawyers understand that emotional illnesses resulting from injuries are just as common and also must be addressed. Consider these examples of personal injury and how mental, as well as physical health, can be affected.

A Workplace Injury

As it relates to emotional illnesses like panic attacks, depression, or the development of a phobia, many provinces in Canada require evidence that the emotional disorder is the result of something that took place in the workplace. This is not limited to emotional trauma caused by being physically injured. An emotional illness may be triggered when:

The employee is witness to the death of a coworker or some tragic event that affects multiple coworkers.
Being taken as a hostage or being held at gunpoint while in the workplace
Threats of harm, up to including death threats, that occur in the workplace

Lawyers understand the importance of relating the emotional illness to specific events occurring at work. That’s why there is a desire to communicate with medical professionals who can verify there is a direct connection. Demonstrating that the illness was triggered by an event, or series of events while the client was at work, provides the groundwork for securing resources to cover the expenses of immediate and ongoing treatment.

Being Injured in an Auto Accident

Emotional illness and auto accidents are connected on several levels. There’s the immediate impact caused from the pain and the debilitating effects of the physical injuries. Being unable to manage daily tasks while the body heals takes a significant toll on the emotions. The issue is even worse when the victim is looking at a long recovery or learning how to live with a permanent disability.

At best, the victim may need counseling and possibly medication to cope with the emotional trauma while the healing takes place. At worst, there will be the need for professional counseling for the rest of the individual’s life. Where will the money come from to cover daily living expenses while the victim is unable to work? A lawyer will know how current laws relate to these situations and what sort of compensation can be secured.

Situations Involving Abuse

Abuse takes many forms. There is verbal abuse that has the effect of gradually eating away at self-confidence. It may begin in subtle ways and gradually become more open and overpowering. Abuse of this type, whether at work or at home, leaves the individual feeling as if it is justified. When the situation is bad enough, the idea of leaving is impossible to comprehend.

Physical abuse also impacts mental well-being. The abuse may take the form of physical beatings or it could be sexual in nature. As with the verbal abuse, the victim may be groomed to the point of believing the abuse is normal or justified. It takes a great deal to break away and realize the situation is anything but normal.

Personal injury lawyers can help with more than injuries on the outside. They also have the ability to seek damages for those who have been mentally compromised in some way and now must make the long journey back to emotional health. Along with the excellent resources found at Bell Let’s Talk, scheduling a consultation with the team at Lerners Lawyers should be a priority for anyone in the GTA who has experienced mental trauma.

Call us today and let’s talk! Rest assured the conversation will be confidential. Together, we will look closely at what has occurred, who is responsible, and determine the best way to pursue the case and seek compensation that will then help you put the focus on recovery – mind, body and soul.