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Personal Injury Trials in Ontario During COVID
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2 weeks ago

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Personal Injury Trials in Ontario During COVID

April 5, 2021 - in News, Car Accident, Case examples

The Courts have faced many challenges during COVID.  Personal Injury and Disability lawsuit trials in particular have had to adapt from a system that had primarily been based on paper documents and in-person attendances.

A recent Court decision in Sweetman v. Kowalczyk 2021 (click case name to read the decision) in Durham Region's Oshawa Ontario Court-house, permitted a motor vehicle accident, personal injury lawsuit claim, to proceed to trial through Zoom, to avoid further delay to the injured person. 

The Court also conditionally struck the defendant's Jury notice, allowing the trial to proceed by Judge alone due to the issues caused by COVID.

While the COVID pandemic has certainly impacted on Courts and caused new challenges, it has also brought with it a greater willingness to move forwards with technology and innovative solutions.

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