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Protect Yourself Against Dog Bites
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1 month ago

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Protect Yourself Against Dog Bites

May 21, 2014 - in Dog Bite

Now that the warmer months are upon us, you may find yourself spending more time enjoying the outdoors in a park, community playground, or walking the local trails. Many dog owners are also taking advantage of the beautiful weather by taking their pets out to enjoy the sunshine.

For the most part, the dogs of those passing by you do not pose a threat. However, any dog no matter how sweet they may seem are capable of biting – especially when coming across a new person. Dog bites can leave you not only startled, but with mild to severe injuries as well.

When a dog bites, both the owner and victim oftentimes go into a state of panic and are unaware of how to handle the situation properly. That said it’s very important that you know how to properly handle an attack to avoid the situation from escalating and to mitigate potential injuries.

The Steven Polak team specializes in handling severe and permanent dog bite injuries and the dog bite lawyers can work with you if you decide to file a case and receive compensation for your injuries. As experts in catastrophic and severe and permanent dog bite scenarios, we understand that your first priority will be to resolve the situation and to seek medical attention. Legal representation is often an after-thought that people stumble through without adequate knowledge of industry norms.

Being bitten by a dog is a risk we’re all susceptible to when going for a walk or enjoying some time in the park. In the case that this kind of accident becomes a reality for you, here are some common tips on how to handle the situation in the best way possible:

1. Have the pet removed from the situation:

If someone’s dog has bitten you, the first thing you need to do is express the need for the animal to be removed from the situation. This will protect you from sustaining further injuries or someone else being attacked. In addition, this allows the animal to calm down and the situation to be resolved without the risk of the pet attacking again.

2. Determine if you need medical attention:

After the dog has been removed from the situation, it’s important that you determine if you need medical attention. If the bite is severe you should call an ambulance to have medical attention applied immediately. If the bite is less severe and you believe you can go forward without immediate medical attention, follow the next steps.

3. Exchange information with the dog owner:

If you don’t need immediate medical attention, the next thing to do is exchange information. You should obtain the dog owner’s address and insurance information, the dog’s medical/vaccination history, the veterinarian contact information, and the dog owner’s contact and insurance information. In addition you write down any information you can about the situation (i.e., time, location, date, owner) for your insurance provider and potential lawyer.

4. Leave the situation and contact your insurance provider, doctor, and the dog owner’s veterinarian:

Once you have the dog owner’s information you should leave the scene to contact your doctor, and the dog’s veterinarian. Calling their insurer will allow you to be provided with the information needed to move forward with a claim. In addition you should make an appointment with your doctor to have the bite examined and have potential antibiotics, shots, or other preventative medicines prescribed. In addition you should call the veterinarian to confirm which shots and vaccinations the dog has had and pass this information along to your doctor.

5. Determine if you want to seek out legal information or file a case:

As a victim of a catastrophic or severe and permanent dog bite you may be eligible for compensation. If you believe that it’s in your best interest to move forward by filing a legal case with a dog bite lawyer, it’s important you contact a representative as soon as possible. Steven Polak and his legal team’s dog bite lawyers specialize in catastrophic and severe and permanent animal attacks including dog bite injury, lawsuits, insurance settlement pay out, as well as other mishaps resulting in personal injury. It’s important you know your rights as a victim, and speaking with a legal professional is the best way to obtain this information.


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