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Recent Car Accident & Slip and Fall Results
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3 years ago

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Recent Car Accident & Slip and Fall Results

July 4, 2012 - in Car Accident, Slip and Fall

1) A young woman was travelling as a passenger in her husband’s car when they were involved in a car accident.  The woman had worked in a service job for a number of months before taking maternity leave in advance of her pregnancy.  She was on maternity leave at the time of the accident.  The woman did not sustain any fractures, but did sustain whiplash, including neck and back pain, which developed into chronic back and neck pain.  Her accident benefits insurer cut off her benefits and certain doctors who examined her did not acknowledge her injuries, noting that they were soft-tissue and not objective injuries.  She hired our Best Whitby, Oshawa injury lawyers and the lawsuit settled for more than $450,000.

2) A gentleman was walking in a parking lot when he slipped and fell on snow and ice.  He sustained an ankle fracture (broke his ankle) and other pains.  He hired our Toronto Injury Lawyers and the lawsuit resolved for over $225,000

3) A young man was involved in a motor vehicle accident while travelling as a passenger in his friend’s car.  The motor vehicle accident happened when his friend ran a stop sign.  The young man sustained a fracture that healed, and chronic neck and back pain with headaches.  There was a question about whether he was wearing his seat-belt at the time of the accident, questions about the extent of his injuries and his ability to do the work that he had been doing before the accident.  The doctors hired by the insurance company said that he was capable of returning to work and doubted the extent of his limitations.  After hiring our Whitby, Oshawa and Best Toronto Car Accident Lawyers, the lawsuit resolved for more than $600,000

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