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5 Ways to Evaluate a Personal Injury Lawyer
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5 days ago

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5 Ways to Evaluate a Personal Injury Lawyer

May 29, 2017 - in Personal Injury Lawyers

A qualified lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of a personal injury case, so it’s important to make the right decision. Most personal injury lawyers will specialize in one side of a particular case. They’ll be better on the plaintiff’s side (the person who was injured) or on the defendant’s side (the person who allegedly caused the injury). If you want to start a personal injury lawsuit, then you need to find a “plaintiff’s lawyer.”

There are a number of online resources for finding an Ajax personal injury lawyer. You can also check with friends and family to see if they have someone they can recommend. You’ll want to narrow your list to about three or four candidates then check the qualifications of each one carefully before settling on the right personal injury lawyer.

Here are five indications that you’ve found a quality personal injury lawyer.

1: A Good Reputation with the Law Society

The Law Society is a great resource for Canadians to find a qualified personal injury lawyer or any other lawyer they may need. Start here for due diligence on personal injury lawyers in Ajax or Ajax disability lawyers. You can see if they’ve had any disciplinary hearings, and you can check out the outcomes of each one. The Society evaluates each  lawyer in their system, and they’ll tell you if he or she is in good standing.

2: Positive Testimonials and References

The lawyer’s reputation can go a long way toward the outcome of your case, and adds more value to representation in a court of law. Reputable legal representation puts you in a better position in front of judges and opposition  lawyers. If you’re doing an online search you can find references and testimonials, particularly at third party sites, which can be helpful in determining a lawyer’s reputation in the community.

3: A Good Amount of Expertise and Experience

While you’re looking for an Ajax personal injury lawyer, it’s important to evaluate their level of expertise and experience. For instance, it can be helpful to look at the following information:

  • Law society memberships
  • Areas of practice
  • Years in practice
  • Amount of trial and negotiation experience
  • Memberships in trial lawyer associations

Legal websites or the firm’s main site will usually have this type of information. They’ll usually also have a biography that will have sections answering these types of questions.

4: Has Knowledge That’s Specific to Your Case

You should determine if the lawyer has the type of experience that would work best for your type of case. You want to look at any information that relates to your specific situation, and you should ask the following questions:

  • Has the lawyer dealt with accident cases that are the same or similar to yours?
  • Does the lawyer deal with cases where people have suffered similar injuries?
  • Is the lawyer’s office in an accessible location, and will he or she come to you?

Don’t be afraid to contact the lawyer’s office to ask the right questions.

5: Has the Right Kind of Personality and Professionalism

Regardless of the lawyer’s qualifications, you want to think about whether he or she is a good fit for you. Personal chemistry is a critical but often overlooked factor in finding car accident lawyers or any other legal specialty. You should determine if this person is someone that you would want to work with and can trust. The lawyer you hire should be there to answer any questions, and he or she should return calls in a timely manner.

A Quality Personal Injury Lawyer!

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