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What Is The Difference – Pro Bono, Contingency, Legal Aid & Only Pay If You Win Lawyer?
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4 years ago

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What Is The Difference – Pro Bono, Contingency, Legal Aid & Only Pay If You Win Lawyer?

July 5, 2012 - in Advice

Ontario Injury Lawyers who practice car accident, slip and fall and disability law may offer a variety of different types of fee agreements to potential clients. One of the reasons that this is offered is because there is a realization that injury victims often simply cannot pay the hourly rates that lawyers charge. Not all Ontario Injury lawyers offer flexible fee arrangements and it is very important that you have a clear understanding of your fee agreement with your lawyer.  There are some Whitby and Oshawa Injury Lawyers and Whitby and Oshawa car accident lawyers who require money up front in these cases.  Toronto car accident lawyers and Toronto injury lawyers also sometimes request this.

In most cases, you will probably have a written agreement with your lawyer that will set out the terms of the agreement. Some people get confused by the term “retainer agreement” thinking that it means that they have to pay something up front. This may be true in some cases, but the term may also simply mean the agreement that you are signing to hire the lawyer.

Some injured victims indicate that they need a pro bono lawyer, since they canot pay for the services up front. A pro bono lawyer is normally a lawyer who does not charge you anything at all regardless of the outcome of your case – even if you win. This is normally not what injury victims mean when they say that they want a pro bono lawyer.

Many clients also indicate that they require legal aid. The reality is that they may not require that. Some lawyers will agree to take cases on with the agreement that they will simply be paid a percentage of the damages award at the end of the case, and they will receive nothing if they do not win. A “pay a percentage if you win” agreement can be referred to as a contingency fee agreement. There are a number of variations offered by Injury lawyers in Oshawa, Whitby, Toronto, and Ontario.

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