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Driving In A Vehicle Without Consent
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3 years ago

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Driving In A Vehicle Without Consent

June 11, 2013 - in Car Accident, Case examples, Insurance

Accidents caused by drivers who are Driving in a vehicle without consent are especially difficult to deal with.  They pose legal challenges and can have restrictions on the types of benefits available to be applied for.

In one such recent example, the Globe and Mail reported that, on June 9, 2013, a group of teens allegedly stole a truck and took it on a joyride in Oshawa Ontario.  One of the teens (a 13 year old from Whitby Ontario) apparently provided this explanation to police: “Yo bro, I had a really bad day. My girlfriend broke up with me — you don’t even know.”

The Globe reported the allegations that, around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, three teenage boys, two 13 and one 15, were trying to get into parked cars at Just Brakes Plus, a garage in Whitby. The trio found an unlocked Ford pickup truck and, inside, the keys.

According to the Globe’s report, a police officer spotted the truck driving the wrong way on several streets as it weaved through accident benefit into neighbouring Oshawa. The officer thought the driver was impaired.  After the cruiser’s siren was turned on, a short chase ensued as other police vehicles converged on the truck. The pursuit was called off as the truck drove the wrong way on King St. E. in Oshawa.  Then the driver lost control and barrelled onto the sidewalk in front of Out Lounge and Bar, striking three pedestrians.

The article in the Globe noted that one man ended up in serious condition at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Another man and woman were taken to Lakeridge, also in serious condition.

As an example of the legal issues that may apply in cases where a person is injured in a vehicle that is knowingly used without the owner’s consent, section 30 of the statutory accident benefit schedule says that an insurer is not required to pay income replacement benefits/visitor expenses, housekeeping expenses or certain other benefits in those cases (if insurance applies at all).

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