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My adjuster says that my Ontario car accident injuries case does not meet the threshold, do I still get a settlement?

Aug. 16, 2012 - in Advice, Car Accident

The answer is “maybe”. Car accident injury victims may not be entitled to any award for pain and suffering if they do not meet the “threshold” (having a permanent, important and serious injury – there is more detail to this, but the general description is sufficient for our purposes in this article).

Even if you do not meet the threshold, you can still be entitled to damages under other categories such as housekeeping assistance, loss of income or loss of competitive advantage etc. Those categories are available to Ontario injury victims in many cases even if they do not meet the threshold – many people do not know that.

With the significant scale-back of accident benefits recently, these categories can become all the more important in tort.

Do not let your losses go uncompensated if the accident was not your fault. Contact a lawyer now to learn about the time-lines that apply and your rights.