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Top 6 Personal Injury Claim Mistakes Car Accident Victims Make Without Knowing
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2 months ago

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Top 6 Personal Injury Claim Mistakes Car Accident Victims Make Without Knowing

Jan. 3, 2018 - in Personal Injury Claims

Few situations are worse than getting in a car accident, but surviving one doesn’t mean that you’re magically in the clear. Although Canadian law allows victims to make legal claims to seek compensation for things like their medical bills, lost wages and disabilities, the process isn’t always as simple as it ought to be. Here’s what you need to avoid and why talking to the injury lawyers Clarington victims have come to rely on should be your first step.

Common Post-accident Claim Errors

  1. Not Seeking Followup Medical Treatment

Personal injury claims are based on provable injuries. Getting treated at a hospital or clinic establishes that your injuries are real and that they had adverse impacts on your life. In addition to having a reliable personal injury lawyer Clarington victims need to ensure that they follow their caregiver’s recommendations.

  1. Refusing Treatment at the Accident Site

You may not feel like you need medical attention, but the fact that you don’t have any visible injuries doesn’t mean that you’re unhurt. From whiplash and internal damage to bruising and tenderness, seemingly minor symptoms have the potential to worsen with time. Not getting checked out right away might also cause your insurance company or a court to deny you compensation later.

  1. Not Documenting the Wreck

Just as you need to prove your medical expenses with valid bills, you need to demonstrate that you got into a wreck. In most cases, such documentation can take the form of crash scene pictures that depict things like your damaged car, the other driver’s vehicle, skid marks on the road and the emergency response.

  1. Not Telling the Authorities

After making sure that you’re as safe as possible, reporting the accident to law enforcement should be your first step. Police reports serve as critical evidence in court cases and insurance disputes, and Clarington personal injury lawyers commonly use them to shore up their legal arguments.

  1. Not Telling Your Insurer

Insurers immediately become suspicious and resistant to paying when accident survivors fail to report their wrecks. Your policy probably includes a stipulation requiring that you make a claim within a certain timeframe after an accident occurs to receive a payout, so be forthcoming.

  1. Telling Your Insurer Too Much

Insurance adjusters work to assess the damages incurred in accidents and process claims, but that doesn’t mean they’re on your side. Although you have to talk to them, any statements you make about the details of your accident, your employment, typical schedules and other factors might be used against you. Refer them to your Clarington personal injury lawyer so that they get the information they need without compromising your claim.

Recovering From Your Wreck

Talking to a personal injury lawyer in Clarington gives you more options for dealing with the aftermath of an accident. No matter whether you seek resolution in the courtroom or go through your insurer, it’s critical to have your affairs in order first. Learn more about improving your outlook by chatting with an attorney at Law 123 now.

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