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Seek Legal Assistance if you’ve Been Bitten by a Dog in Canada
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Seek Legal Assistance if you’ve Been Bitten by a Dog in Canada

Nov. 20, 2017 - in Dog Bite

Dog bites. It’s not just a nip. It’s serious. It can cause traumatic bodily injury, and even death. In fact, in Canada, there are on average one to two deaths per year that can be attributed to dog bites, or more specifically, dog attacks. If you have been injured, or know someone who has, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer at Law123 to protect your rights and move forward with the compensation process. 

Liability of a Dog Bite Case

In Canada, an owner of a dog that bites someone is liable for the damages. But there are two ways that liability can be addressed by each province. In the first, if you did not know or have any reason or indication to believe that your dog could be violent but then it bites someone, you are not liable the first time it happens, but if it happens again, you are aware of what your dog can do, thus, you are liable. In Ontario, however, dog owners are strictly liable in accordance with the Dog Owner’s Liability Act. This means that regardless the scenario, the owner of a dog is legally liable and financially responsible to cover all damages. The Act extends liability to anyone who is in control of the dog, whether it’s the owners friend or family member, at the time the dog bites someone else.

Compensation & Insurance Companies

Generally, if bitten by a dog, you will file a claim with the at-fault party’s home insurance policy. But insurance companies do not like to payout; it affects their bottom line. They will do what they can through manipulation of the facts to either deny or devalue your claim. Your health and well-being is not their priority. The difference between obtaining compensation that is rightfully yours or obtaining something that provides the bare necessities, if anything, is a lawyer on your side to advocate aggressively for your rights.

According to Canadian Underwriter, nearly $500 million in settlement money was paid out in 2012, and since that time, dog bite incidents have been on the rise. Millions of dollars in settlement payouts is a significant amount of money in Canada. But without an attorney to provide legal representation, you may not get your fair share. In fact, many victims are too worried by the injuries and the recovery process that they will take whatever the insurance company offers, and insurance companies know this fact and use it to their advantage. Don’t be a victim a second time, contact an injury lawyer today.

Compassionate, Resourceful Personal Injury Lawyers

At Law123, we have a team of lawyers who understand the pain you are suffering and who want to help. We have the experience to be insightful and aggressive. We have the resources to conduct any investigative work. We have the empathy necessary to take each case and work towards just and fair compensation. Contact a personal injury lawyer at Law 123 today.

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