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November: The Deadliest Month for Pedestrians
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2 months ago

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November: The Deadliest Month for Pedestrians

Nov. 28, 2017 - in Distracted Driving

The days and weeks following Daylight Savings Time ends are historically the most dangerous for pedestrians. Drivers suddenly have to adjust to less hours of sunlight and darker morning commutes to and from work. Research shows that the one hour time change affects the body, mind, health and overall driving habits of commuters.

An average of 6 pedestrians are hit by cars each day in Toronto. According to Police Services, pedestrians and drivers are equally at fault. Factors such as distracted driving and distracted walking play a huge role in cases of pedestrians being hit by cars.

In one November day in 2016, there were 13 pedestrians struck within 5 hours in Toronto.

Toronto Police, Traffic Services, recognized most collisions involving pedestrians usually involve human error, “When pedestrians are struck at an intersection, it’s often caused by driver error…. And when people are hit mid-block, it’s usually pedestrian error.”
The one hour time change seems to greatly impact the number of pedestrians killed by motorists. Research found, pedestrians who were walking during rush hour in the weeks after turning back the clocks are more than 3 times as likely to be fatally struck, that number increases after 6pm.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians:

  • Do not wear hoods/hats that may obstruct your vision while crossing the street
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the road
  • Do not jay-walk, always cross at a pedestrian crosswalk
  • Do not listen to headphones which will prevent you from hearing your surroundings
  • Avoid using distracting devices like phones, games, etc. when walking

Tips for Drivers:

  • Always avoid distracted driving (including using your phone, any handheld device, snacking etc.)
  • Make sure your car is in good working order (headlights, brakes, horn etc.)
  • Look before proceeding through a or turn or an intersection
  • Turn on your car’s full lighting system (headlights) so pedestrians can see you
  • Do not rush, leave yourself plenty of time to get to you planned destination

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