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Seven Safety Tips for a Happy Halloween

Keeping kids safe during halloweenBesides Christmas, Halloween just might be the most exciting day of the year for kids.  After carefully choosing the perfect costume, and patiently waiting until the right time to hit the streets without interrupting anyone’s dinner, the witches and goblins are out in full force!  Here are seven tips to help you and your family enjoy a safe and happy Halloween:

Plan your route ahead of time.  You should know where you’re going before you set out.  If your neighbourhood isn’t very well lit, consider bringing your kids to a newer subdivision where there are plenty of sidewalks and street lights.  If you have older kids that plan on trick or treating without an adult, make sure you know where they will be and what time they plan to be home.

Find creative ways to make your kids more noticeable.  Sending the crew out with a few flashlights is a smart way to prevent trip and fall accidents.  If you child is wearing a dark costume, find way to add some reflective tape or pick up some glow sticks from the dollar store so they are more noticeable on the street.

Make sure your kids have proper footwear.  Many homes have uneven walkways, so comfortable flat soled shoes are a must-have for any costume.  Look for warm, water proof footwear in case the weather decides to give us a preview of winter as it sometimes does on Halloween.

Trade masks for face paint.  We are seeing fewer masks with kid’s costumes than we did in earlier years.  Parents are recognizing the risks that go along with wearing a mask at night.  Many schools are also taking part in the Halloween festivities but discourage masks or have ruled them out altogether.  Face painting requires a little creativity, but it will help your child see clearly and be able to look both ways when they cross the street.

Avoid long costumes that reduce your child’s ability to walk safely.  Every kids wants the best, most over the top costume to celebrate Halloween, but make sure they can safely walk without their feet getting caught up in the extra fabric.  Have your child try on their costume a few days before so you have time to shorten it if necessary.

Choose suitable props.  Sometimes it’s the accessories that make the costume, but they should be chosen carefully.  Choose lightweight and flexible items that won’t become a hazard while walking or running, and won’t get in the way of other kids in the group.

Be aware of other kid’s safety that come to your doorstep.  Turn on all outdoor lights and keep your walkways free of any possible tripping hazards.  If you plan on carving jack-o-lanterns for decoration, use battery powered candles instead of the traditional burning ones.  Battery powered candles last longer and are safer for the kids that come to your home.

Check your child’s candy.  There have been dozens of scary stories about contaminated candy over the years.  Many of them were untrue, but parents should still be sensible when it comes to checking over their kid’s spoils from the night out.  Toss out any open packages to be on the safe side.

Make your Halloween a safe and fun event for the whole family.

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