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Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems

Sept. 5, 2012 - in News, Car Accident

It may seem like something from a sci-fi movie but Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems in vehicles could be common place in the next five years. These systems use video cameras, radar and lasers to monitor the speed of your vehicle, how close a driver is to another car, and can warn the driver if the speed is too high, too close to another car, or take action to prevent a collision. Depending on the situation the system can prevent an accident or reduce the severity of the impact, reducing the chances of fatality. It’s estimated that the use of this system in new vehicles will reduce road accidents by 27 per cent and save thousands of lives each year.

The new system is currently being pushed by The European Commission which aims to see all new vehicles on the continent equipped by 2014. Will we see something similar here soon? What will the legal implications be in future accidents? Only time will tell as transportation takes a new step into the technology era.