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Help! I’ve Been in a Car Accident in Scarborough: What Do I Do?
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Help! I’ve Been in a Car Accident in Scarborough: What Do I Do?

June 26, 2017 - in Car Accident

While being in a car accident is one of the most stressful experiences of modern times, it’s far from uncommon. In fact, for those in need of a car accident lawyer, Scarborough is often where they call home. Studies have shown that Scarborough has one of the highest frequencies of accidents in all of Canada with a rate of 6.85% per 100 cars having accidents.

While most accidents happen close to home, because those are the roads most frequently traveled, the data shows that Scarborough’s intersections are so often host to car accidents, that across much of the city, the odds are stacked against you. So when the day comes when you’re facing the nerve-wracking experience of an automobile accident, here’s what to do.

First Steps After an Accident

  • Check on Everyone: Of course, it should go without saying that safety comes first. Assess you’re own wellbeing first, just as you would put your own mask on during a problem on an airplane flight before helping those in needs, you can’t help others until your basic needs are taken care of. Then check on everyone, not only your own passengers but the drivers and passengers of any other cars. If needed the first call should always be to emergency medical responders.
  • Stay at the Scene: You might want nothing more than to go home, but if medical responders don’t find you in need of immediate medical attention, then it’s important to stay at the scene of the accident. If you don’t you may be found criminally liable for someone else’s injury!
  • Let the Police Know: By officially reporting the accident, you’ll be ensuring that any insurance claim, as well as any potential court case will all go more smoothly.
  • Get the Others’ Information: In addition to getting the contact and insurance information for any other drivers involved in the accident, it’s a good idea to also get the information for all of the passengers as well.
  • Check for Witnesses: Often, the only time to locate witnesses is immediately after an accident. You may not need them, but it’s best to have them ready if need be.

What Can You Expect to Be Recompensed for After an Accident

Whether you were driving or a passenger in a car that an accident, you may be wondering what sorts of injuries are covered. Oftentimes with more complex injuries, there are unexpected costs that can be expensive. Also, if you’re unable to work due to injury, are lost wages covered? Here’s what your insurance should cover:

  • Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Income Compensation
  • The Cost of a Caregiver or Attendant
  • Non-Earner Benefits
  • Counseling Support
  • Funeral Expenses

Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer: Scarborough-Local Is Best

If you’re having difficulty collecting what you’re owed from insurance or a negligent driver, then you may find yourself in need of an Scarborough personal injury lawyer. Area’s best is Steven Polak. His calm guidance and attention to the needs of his clients, combined with his proven record of winning cases and flexible fee schedule make him the right choice. If you need to find out more about dealing with personal injury case with a car accident you have been involved with, call now for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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