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Sprawl and Personal Injury: How Durham’s Growth Increases the Need for Legal Services
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5 years ago

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Sprawl and Personal Injury: How Durham’s Growth Increases the Need for Legal Services

Oct. 2, 2017 - in Personal Injury Lawyers

Some might argue that population growth is a good thing but as housing prices skyrocket in Toronto proper, Durham has become a place of rapid low density growth. Leading the way are Oshawa, Ajax and, of course, Clarington which had 92,013 residents in 2016 and a growth rate of 8.8. The fact that most of the new housing is single family homes on large lots means that most people in Clarington are reliant on their cars even if they manage to use public transit for most of the way into Toronto. The inevitable result: Congestion on Clarington’s roads and an increase in accidents involving motor vehicles as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

The increase in accidents results in an increase in injuries and many of these injuries are not the fault of the person who ends up getting hurt. Whether you are in another car, on foot, or on a bike, you should seek medical attention right away and call a lawyer. You only have two years to file a claim for compensation from the other driver or their insurance company, and this is not something you should handle yourself. Most personal injury lawyers Clarington work on contingency meaning you pay only if you win and do not charge for the initial consultation, which is intended to help establish whether you have a case. With the increase in accidents, Clarington needs an increase in legal services.

This means there are a lot of new Clarington personal injury lawyers but you should consider calling a lawyer with years of experience and extensive local knowledge. There is an advantage to having a Clarington personal injury lawyer who actually knows how dangerous that particular road can be and can call up statistics that help your case. You moved to Clarington so you could afford a bigger home don’t let loss of income after an accident cost you what you gained. You should also choose a lawyer that is familiar with the type of accident you had and the injuries caused, remember that some lawyers specialize in traumatic brain injuries or orthopedic injuries and think carefully about your choice of barrister.

Steven Polak and Lerners LLP are an injury lawyer Clarington firm that has the experience and expertise you need to successfully get the compensation you deserve. Call them immediately after an accident to schedule an initial consultation they will be honest about the merits of your case and whether you should pursue it. Regardless of the situation, you have a limited time to file your claim and getting compensation can take years, so you should call them right away.


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