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The End Of Car Accident Injury

April 30, 2013 - in Car Accident
A driver is tired, upset, drunk or in a hurry and does not take proper care on the roadway. Too many car accident injury stories begin this way and the end of the story can be tragic. This may soon be a thing of the past. Google has been testing a new “driverless car” where you can sit back and let a computer drive the car for you. Google’s car is still in the testing phase, but it has the potential to fundamentally change our society. It was recently reported that other car companies are now following suit and working to introduce selfdriving cars.

The cars work with a combination of computers, sensors and cameras. The cars do still require humans to drive in certain conditions and in certain circumstances, but by and large they take over the task of driving the car. As time goes on and the technology is refined, the cars may well become completely driverless.

Think about the effects of this: car accidents should become a rarity, car accident injury should all but disappear, car accident insurance should almost disappear, the need for police monitoring of the roads would be curtailed, taxi cabs should also become driverless eliminating that job, truck driving and transport drivers will no longer be needed in the same numbers, hospitals and injury treatment providers would not be needed in the same numbers, courts would note a reduction in the number of cases, and yes, personal injury lawyers specializing in car accident injury lawsuit cases would have to focus on other areas of law.
This new technology has the very real potential to change our society for the better. Given how central the car is to our society, it is difficult to think of anything that will have a greater impact on our society.