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Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents in Your Business

Aug. 9, 2014 - in Advice, Slip and Fall

Running a business is a tough job.  Between training staff and keeping your customers happy, you probably have your hands full.  However, in addition to serving your customers, you also have a responsibility to keep them safe in and around your place of business.  No business owner wants to find themselves dealing with a lawsuit.  If you run your own business, it is essential to make sure you have adequate insurance for liability protection.  Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, but there are plenty of things that you can do to prevent them from occurring.  Here are the three important ways to keep your business safe:

Be Proactive                  

Whether you operate a store, restaurant, or any other kind of establishment, it is always a smart idea to perform routine inspections of your premise.  Look for items of concern, and write down a log of safety issues, the date it was noticed and what was done to rectify the situation.  This is especially important during the winter months.  Snow and ice can build up on sidewalks and walkways.  Sometimes it’s difficult to see, so it is essential that you address it before one of your customers or staff experiences a slip and fall accident.  If you hire a contractor to handle your snow removal, ask them to record their maintenance in a log book in case you ever need it for future reference.

Keep in Clean

Stock up on all the tools and cleaners that your business requires to maintain the property inside and out.  Snow shovels, salt, good quality mops and buckets are just a few of the things on your must-have list.  During the winter or periods of heavy rain, place absorbent mats near the doors to prevent water from pooling around entry ways.  Use non-slip cleaners, or invest in some non-skid flooring materials for high traffic areas.  Be sure to put up Wet Floor signs after cleaning.  Do a regular inventory of the products that your business requires and replenish them before they get a chance to run out.

Clear the Way

Slip and fall accidents don’t always occur due to a treacherous surface.  They can happen as a result of a tripping hazard sitting in plain sight.  Damaged stairs and uneven sidewalks are two examples of maintenance issues that if left unrepaired can become a major liability for a business.  If you operate a retail business, pay special attention to the floor areas around your shelves.  Empty boxes and merchandise left lying on the floor may unnoticeable to a distracted shopper.  Lighting is also an important element that many business owners overlook.  Your premises should always be well-lit for people who are accessing the property at any time of the day.

Don’t let a slip and fall accident knock your business of its feet.  You owe it to your customers and staff to maintain a safe environment.  Assess your business’s maintenance requirements and potential hazards.  Create a routine checklist to be sure that your premises receives a complete safety inspection on a regular basis.  Accidents can happen anywhere, but proving that you maintain a proactive safety approach could save you thousands in insurance and legal claims.