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What Are the Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents?
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3 years ago

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents?

May 5, 2018 - in Slip and Fall
According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, “Slips, trips and falls are among the leading causes of injuries resulting in workers missing time at work in Ontario.” But slips and falls don’t just happen at work — they can happen anywhere.

Each year, millions of Ontarians end up in the emergency room because of accidents like these. Knowing how to prevent them should be a priority for everyone, but it’s also important to know where to turn if you do end up with slip and fall injuries that weren’t your fault.

Below, we’ll outline the top main causes of these accidents in Ontario and explain how a personal injury lawyer in Pickering can help if you become the victim of slip and fall injuries.

Top Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Ontario

  • Transitions from indoors to outdoors.

Thresholds between indoor and outdoor areas are common places for slip and fall accidents to occur. Often, thresholds are uneven, and the flooring may have subtle steps up or down that people don’t notice.

Loose rugs in these areas can cause problems too — especially in high traffic places like entrances to grocery stores and department stores. Similarly, coat and boot areas in entryways can mean clutter abounds and causes even more hazards where people could slip and fall.

  • Spring changes: Shifting seasons bring new hazards.

You probably didn’t think something as benign as spring could cause slip and fall accidents to occur. Unfortunately, the change in weather brings about new variations in the landscape that may contribute to slip and fall accidents.

For example, if the ice and snow still haven’t cleared from sidewalks and pathways, this can result in changes in walking surfaces remaining covered and hidden. Potholes and uneven ground from growing tree roots or expanding ice in sidewalk cracks can be hidden beneath snow — just waiting to trip someone.

Likewise, melting snow and ice means walkways become wet and slippery. This liquid can then be trampled into indoor spaces, where water over slick flooring surfaces can cause major danger.

  • Faulty footwear.

Finally, it’s more than common for faulty footwear to play a part in slip and fall accidents. Footwear that has poor traction or shoes that are too loose with soles that become detached can inadvertently trip the wearer. Again, with changing seasons comes changes in footwear. So, before immediately heading out in those spring rain boots or summer sandals, be sure they’re in good shape and have the proper fit.
Have You Suffered a Slip and Fall Accident?

Some slip and fall accidents simply result in a bruised knee or scraped palms. But others are more severe.

In fact, some slip and fall accidents can be so dangerous that bones can be broken in multiple places, surgeries may be needed, and expensive prescriptions and physical therapy may be necessary. All of this may result in thousands of dollars in medical bills, time off from work, and long-term pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one has recently experienced a perilous slip and fall accident on someone else’s property or in public, it’s smart to speak with a reputable personal injury lawyer about your options.

Again, you’d be surprised at how many expenses an accident like this can cause. Make sure you cover all your bases and protect yourself at all times by speaking with the best personal injury lawyers in Pickering about your slip and fall accident.

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